Din Tai Fung has been on our to-do list for quite some time now. We put it off for a while, because who wants to drive to Arcadia just to eat Chinese food? When we found out they were opening up a location in South Coast Plaza, we decided to wait until it opened. However, after hearing all the complaints about ridiculous wait times, we decided to put it off some more, to see if they hype died down. Since we had a free day during our Winter Break, it was finally time!
We arrived at around 3:45 in the afternoon, and D put his name/phone number down. They sent us a text when our table was ready, which was just before 5:00 (perfect dinner time for us!) The good thing is that there is plenty to keep you occupied since you’re at the mall. We just did some post-Chrismtas window shopping.
The kids’ water cups are so cute! Love the dumpling mascot. We ordered one order of pork XLB, green beans, chicken lo main and pork-shrimp dumplings.
So the soup dumplings were just as I expected–delicious! n could not get enough of the green beans, which is amazing since he is not a veggie-lover. The noodles were just ok, but we mainly ordered them for the kids. Overall, the food was quite delicious, but it did not fill us up. Value-wise, it was a bit disappointing. However, it was an experience to remember, and D was happy to add it to his restaurant list.

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