A Fond Farewell (to Our Canon S90)

It is with great sadness that I would like the announce that our camera, which has played an integral part of this blog, is no longer working.  Its tragic fate was due to my unknowingly putting an open bottle water in my purse while my camera was inside.  Coincidentally, both the first and last pictures taken with this camera were in Napa.  These were some of the first pictures taken with my camera, back in 2010.  It is amazing to think about all of the moments this camera has captured of our family.  Our camera was actually on its second life, since we had it repaired under warranty after Utah (sand).  I’ve been doing some research, and I think I know which camera I will buy next.  Thankfully, prices on digital cameras have gone down a considerable amount since four years ago.

In the few days that I have not had a camera, I feel lost.  I was not able to take more pictures of the kids with D’s parents, brother and sister, which I meant to do on Sunday.  I was not able to record our visit to the Jelly Belly Factory on Monday.  I know life is about experiencing things, not recording them, but I fear that these experiences will be lost without pictures.

OK, enough about that.  I was relieved that I was able to rescue all of the pictures in Napa that I took before our camera’s demise.  These are pictures of our lunch at Mustards Grill and our dinner at Bistro Don Giovanni on Saturday. 


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