A Perfect Day in Minneapolis: Part 2


After we finished shopping, we drove to Sea Salt Eatery.  This cute restaurant is only open April-October, and it just so happened that we were there for opening day.   




We ordered shrimp tacos and fried fish tacos.  The fried fish tacos were an absolute bargain—$4.95 for these two huge pieces of fish.  The shrimp were a nice lighter counterpart.


There is seating on the wrap-around deck.  It was a lovely day to enjoy the sunshine.  And, the best part may be that it is located just across the way from a waterfall called Minnehaha Falls.


After lunch, we checked out the waterfall and took a little stroll through the park. 




We sat on a bench and munched on some of the apple fritter that we had picked up at the Angel Food Bakery.  I actually was not too impressed since there were no discernable apple chunks, which is key to a good apple fritter, in my humble opinion.


Our next stop was the Minneapolis Institute of Arts


There is a wide range of artwork, including some Van Gogh, Renoir and Matisse.


We went back to the hotel and rested for a bit.  Then it was time for dinner.  We decided on 112 Eatery.


We started out with the crab salad.  They kindly split everything onto two plates, which was appreciated.


This was so nice and refreshing!  I believe it had a Vietnamese influence.


The pan-fried gnocchi was a pretty much a gut bomb.  Very tasty, but very filling.  I really enjoyed the gentle crispiness on the outside.  This portion would have been easily enough for four people.  Some sort of dipping sauce would have been nice too.


Finally, we split the cheeseburger, which came on a buttered English muffin and melted brie.  Again, delicious. I can see why this restaurant is popular.  We had called earlier to make reservations, and they said their first seating was at 9:30 p.m. that night!  However, since we were a party of two, it was fairly easy to find a place at the bar. 


We walked back to the hotel amongst Twins’ fans headed for the game.  This is the public library, which I found impressive.  We ended up at Barnes & Noble, which was a favorite hangout for D and me back in the day.  The next day we flew back.  Minneapolis Airport was a breeze, but our Southwest flight was delayed.  Overall, it was a great trip, and a wonderful way to celebrate ten years of marriage. 

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