A Perfect Gift for an 11 Year Old Girl: Kawaii Doodle Class (Review)

When I found out that I won a contest where I could pick out five books from Quarto Knows, Kawaii Doodle Class was my easiest choice because I had already put it on my daughter’s Amazon wishlist.  According to the Urban Dictionary, “kawaii” is an adjective in Japanese meaning “pretty; cute; lovely; charming; dear; darling; pet”.  This book, written by Zainab Khan, contains step-by-step directions for drawing a multitude of kawaii characters under the following categories:

  • Adorable Food & Drinks
  • Lovable Nature
  • Cheerful Doodle Monsters
  • Everyday Cute
  • Charming Holiday Decorations


My daughter made a birthday card for her friend using the cupcake doodle instructions:


Kawaii, right?


She also made a Christmas card using the Christmas tree instructions:


Love the kawaii star on top!


Once you have mastered the simple kawaii smiley face, the possibilities are endless!

k just turned eleven years old yesterday, and it is not as easy to find presents for this “tween” age.  I would definitely recommend Kawaii Doodle Class for tweens, as well as adults who have an affinity for the kawaii aesthetic (such as myself!).

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