Baja Day #4


Breakfast: oatmeal, bananas and carrot cake.  This was a welcome change in food.


This was the day where D was sent to re-roof another house with a small crew of guys.  Our team worked hard on finishing the houses, including laying down new cement for the entryway (the original porch was placed in the wrong area before we arrived, as can be seen here).  I did not feel too useful on this day, but I did a lot of sanding on the inside since the wood is unfinished.


On the left hand side you can see the hole that was made for a whirlybird, which allows for ventilation.



Cement was also needed for the clothesline.


The families were excited to see the arrival of their mattresses and beds.  Two little kids put together the beds in no time flat.


The families graciously provided lunch for us.  This was no small feat, especially since our group was so large.  Check out this wood burning stove! 


Fried chicken, macaroni salad, beans and tortillas.  There was so much food, and they kept on offering us more.


For dinner we had chicken wrapped in foil, salad, rice, flour tortillas and fresh guacamole.  I think this was my favorite dinner at IDT.


There was a spectacular sunset after dinner. 


Before we went on the trip we were told to bring our own snacks.  D said not to worry, because “this is WPC, of course there will be plenty of snacks”.  Sure enough, there were more than enough snacks to go around. 

The kids stayed up late most nights playing card games.  D and I hung out for a little while before turning in early. 

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