Baja Day #6: Home Visits

On Friday morning, the team made surprise visits to past home builds to check in with the families, say hi, and bring some food.  I’m not sure I would want 40+ people unexpectedly coming over to my home, but the families we visited were all very welcoming and seemed happy to see us.


But first, Friday morning was our last meal at IDT: scrambled eggs, tortillas, rice, and fruit.


These pictures are from the first house build.  (This is where D went on Wednesday to re-roof).  The woman who lives there started a house church, and they meet in the courtyard in between her new house and her old house.  Pretty cool.

The following picture are from last year’s house build.  Everyone loved the color of this one: Newport Blue.  This house was so neat and tidy!



The next family seems very resourceful.  Notice how they made a screen door, made their own toothbrush “station”, keep chickens and ducks and rigged their own irrigation system for growing food. 


The last house struck me as being very decorative and homey.



They even painted the interior walls, which makes a big difference, I think. 

I thought it was nice how our church has been able to maintain a relationship with the families we have built for.  I hope that we will be able to continue doing so for many years to come. 

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