Birthday Eats

As is our tradition, we have been busy redeeming birthday freebies the past few weeks.  The following is a very small representation of what we redeemed.  This was a new one for us: Dickey’s BBQ, free Big BBQ Sandwich.  I chose the chopped brisket.  There were some unappetizing globs of fat, but the overall flavor was good.  The bread was a little too bready.  I also did not like how they weigh everything in front of the customer.  I watched them take small pieces off of other customer’s plates as they were serving, and that just looks stingy.  The best part may be the free soft serve vanilla ice cream machine. 

I always look forward to my free Venti drink from Starbucks.  I made sure D was around so I could share it with him.  I tried the Toasted Graham Latte.  D and I have discovered that asking for half of the flavored syrup in any drink is a good thing.  The bundtlet was from Corner Bakery.

I am excited to be a part of the #ChickFilAMomsPanel this year.  We were sent vouchers for the frosted lemonade.  I must say, this is a genius idea since they already had the vanilla ice cream and lemonade.  All they have to do is mix it, and it tastes really good!

This is the birthday dinner I made for D.  Unfortunately, we may have discovered another allergy for n: shellfish.  He has eaten shrimp before, so I am not entirely convinced he has a definite allergy, but we will have to be more careful. 

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