Camping & Hiking @ Indian Cove

On Friday afternoon we drove to Joshua Tree.  Not surprisingly, we hit traffic, so what should have been a two hour trip ended up being a three hour trip.


The Indian Cove campsite is one of only two campsites in Joshua Tree that takes reservations.  This was the most “primitive” campsite that we’ve been to so far, since there were no flush toilets—only pit toilets.  They were actually not that bad though—they’re just regular shaped toilets that do not flush.


We were in campsite #69.  The site itself was pretty small (#70 looked a little bigger).  However, we were surrounded by magnificent rocks.  The kids had us say a prayer that the rocks would not roll down on top of us while we were sleeping.





We were fortunate to be able to borrow a CX-9 for our adventure.  It was so nice to have the extra storage space in the back!

After setting up camp, we drove and parked to the nearby Indian Cove trailhead.  We did a short .6 mile loop before the sun set.




I loved the wildflowers springing up in such unlikely places. 


Back at the campsite, we ate a simple dinner of cup o’ noodles.


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