Blue Sharks End of Season Party

We had n’s end of year soccer party at Chuck E. Cheese last night.  We really liked the coach and team this season.  Too bad his coach is not continuing to coach next season.

The last time we went to Chuck E. Cheese was for n’s birthday party.  We still had extra tokens from back then, but they no longer accept tokens!  They changed to an electronic card system, but it was easy to transfer our tokens to the card.

I made my first .gif of cute k playing Fruit Ninja and messing up.

It was fun watching n receive his certificate and trophy.

The coach said some nice words about each boy.  D had his phone ready to record it…we’ll miss the Blue Sharks!

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Legoland + Robotics With Cub Scouts

Monday was a teacher work day for our school district, so our Cub Scout den scheduled a field trip at Legoland. Our family was able to use our annual passes, so that was nice.

There were some Halloween decorations.  Now that it is November, I guess it is on to Christmas!

The weather was nice and overcast–perfect theme park weather!

n blowing a bubble and looking at the Star Wars displays.  k was able to hang out with a couple of Girl Scout siblings, so that was nice.

After lunch, there was a short robotics workshop called We Do 2.0.  n put together a Lego froglet on his own and used a computer program to make it move.

Junior Engineers!

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Sports Weekend

This past weekend was filled with sports.  k played in the VFW basketball tournament (two games Saturday, one game Sunday) and n had his regular LA Galaxy OC Saturday soccer game.  Although we felt busy, I know of other families with three kids playing in the tournament, so that could be like nine games, which is just insane.  I am also very fortunate to have my parents who are willing to take our kids where they need to be when there are overlaps.

It is fun watching our kids develop their skills and confidence in their respective sports.  Since now I actually have some memory for my phone, I have been trying to take more video.  To date, we have not had a good video of n scoring a goal.  I am so glad I was able to catch this one on video.  Be sure to turn on the audio for the full effect.

Yes, that is D at the very end: “FINISH IT!”

Last year, k’s team won the bronze division, so they were moved to silver.  They did not fare too well there, but I must say that k put in a good effort.  These are a couple of shots on her highlight reel from the weekend. 🙂

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Cub Scout Bridging from Wolves to Bears

We had a busy Sunday last week.  First, the kids participated in Promotion Sunday at church.  n’s class did a short presentation and n’s part was about Paul spreading the gospel.  We had to leave early so that n could attend his Cub Scouts bridging ceremony.


n is now officially a Bear!  His bridging ceremony was conveniently located at Irvine Regional Park in the Irvine Recreation Outdoor Education Center.  They started out with some ziplining.  This was n’s first time, and he did great!  (k has already done this zipline with Girl Scouts).



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It was nice to have an overcast day, even if it was a little misty.

This was our first bridging ceremony since we missed last year’s.  It was interesting to watch the dads construct the bridge.  Where does one buy such a bridge kit and where does one store said bridge? are some of the questions that came to mind.



I think there may have been a Lion who fell off, but I think everyone else made it across safely.


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Handcrafted Goodness
n is currently learning about wood for his science unit in kindergarten. A dad of one of his classmates came in to talk about his wood-working hobby. He also made a mini dry erase board for each person in the class. I was seriously so impressed by its clever design! There is a hole on the top where the dry erase marker goes. The top piece of wood swivels to cover the hole so the pen does not fall out, and there is a small magnet to keep the top in place. Genius!

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National Napping Day
Did you know that today is National Napping Day? I took this picture on Saturday, but I thought it was appropriate to post today. This is proof that n can still fall asleep anywhere. Keep in mind that this brief cat nap was taken before the switch to Daylight Savings Time!

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Little Hoopsters Closing Ceremony

D and I served on the Little Hoopsters Committee this year, and both k and n played.  This was n’s first year and k’s last year.  D was able to take some pictures of n playing in our church parking lot, on one of the hottest days of the year!

n learned how to dribble…

play defense…

hustle on the court…

and made some friends.  Smile

He was very excited to receive his first trophy!

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Quality Time With My “Other Guy”

One thing that I know we should do more of is for D and I to take turns spending one-on-one time with k and n.  Saturday night we had that chance because D took k to an Angels game with her girl scout troop.  I ended up taking n to IHOP to redeem a coupon for a free “Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity” (“RTF&F”). 



We had the place pretty much to ourselves.  I guess no one really goes to IHOP at 5 p.m. on a Saturday night. 


Sorry for the blurry picture. Did you know that they actually took the RTF&F off the menu?  I thought that was their signature item?!  It is still available as a secret off the menu special.  I was surprised at the boatload of bacon they gave us.  Maybe I am just too used to IKEA breakfasts!


As an added surprise, I took n to Yogurtland afterward.  n was elated—it is not difficult to make him happy!  We ended our night at home by reading tons of books on a bed of blankets on our living room floor.  We fell asleep, and D and k joined us when they returned home after 11 p.m.!  It was a nice night of mother-son bonding. 

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