Christmas Concerts

We were fortunate to be able to attend two Christmas concerts this year. The first one was at Salvation Army Church, which we attended with my parents. The Salvation Army band played, and the choir sang. There was also a play portion, which was The Gift of the Magi. k really looks forward to this production every year.
The other performance was The Magic of Christmas, featuring The Young Americans. My dad won tickets from the OC Register and let us use them. It was in La Mirada, and it was on a weeknight, so traffic was pretty bad. However, this concert was definitely worth it! The singers/dancers had so much energy and lots of talent. The sets and costumes all added to the “magic”. Too bad we had to leave during intermission, as it was a school night, after all. Someone even followed us out into the parking lot to make sure we knew there were two acts! 🙂 There were traditional songs, as well as some new ones. My personal favorite was the “Boy Bands Holiday Medley”. Photography was not allowed during the performance, so I had to settle for some pre-show pics:

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