Class 302 Is In Session

Today I took k and n to check out a new Taiwanese restaurant, Class 302.  This place was actually recommended to us a while back by my Taiwanese sister in law.  We had a coupon for a free mini Summer Harvest shaved snow, so we had to try it out.

The set up is cute, like a classroom.  There is a dine-in section on one side, and a take-out/DIY boba section on the other.

This is the topping bar for the tea drinks.  I am curious about the milk and egg pudding toppings.  The regular size is $4.50 and a large is $5.50, so it is on the expensive side, but the drinks are quite large.  We would definitely share!  Some people were complaining that the teas are too sweet, but I did notice an unsweetened jasmine green tea option.  I think that would taste good, with a little of the milk tea mixed in.  The cool thing is that it is totally customizable, just like nearby Yogurtland. 

Well, we placed our order, and I let n hold the buzzer.  He kept on asking when it would buzz, and I kept on telling him to be patient.  Eventually, my patience ran out and I double-checked with the counter person who took my order.  She had a look of surprise and admitted that she had forgotten to put the order in the kitchen.  In a few minutes, another co-worker came out with two of the “mini” size shaved snows!  That was worth waiting a little extra for.  Smile  Kudos for good customer service, too.

The Summer Harvest has milk snow, strawberries, mango, and honeydew, and condensed milk.  The kids loved the mango, so next time we will definitely have to try the specialty mango shaved snow.  I also want to try the popcorn chicken and maybe the porkchop.  Not too sure if I would be brave enough to try the stinky tofu that my SIL talks about.

I loved the unique texture of the snow, and it was not too sweet, just right. 

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