Dino Dash

On Nov. 2, both k and n ran and finished the 5k Dino Dash.  This race is a major fundraiser for the Tustin Unified School District.  k ran with D and L ran with n.  This was the first 5k  race that any of us had run.  (Of course, D is used to running much longer distances).  D trained with the kids a few times before, but they had never run that long before.  D set a goal for n finishing in one hour and k finishing in 45 minutes.  However, both k and n crushed their goals.  k ran it in 38:42.1 (12:27/mi pace) and n ran it in 42:21.6 (13:38/mi pace).  At the very end, I even had a hard time keeping up with n!  My legs were so sore the next day, but the kids didn’t even feel it!  They are excited to run again next year and try to better their times.  Maybe they will take after D and become runners.


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