Disney Alaska Cruise: Onboard in Juneau



We did not have any more plans in Juneau, so we went back to the ship.  Our ship was parked a little farther from town, but there was a free shuttle.  Since we had the time, we chose to eat in the Triton’s dining room, which is open for lunch.


Clockwise: Steak Frites; Salmon Salad; Cheeseburger; Lemon Sole.  All were solid choices!  It was nice to be able to share, too.





For dessert, we had Pineapple Bread Pudding and Lemon Meringue Pie.


After lunch, we watched the new live action Beauty and the Beast in 3D in the Buena Vista Theater.  This is the smaller theater, but both the screen and the sound were excellent.  I really enjoyed this movie.  Now the kids have to see the animated version!  And it was nice that I did not feel like I was missing any scenery, since our ship was still docked.


Dinner that night was at Tiana’s Place.  Since it was our second time dining there, it was a Mardi Gras theme.  The waiters gave us beads to wear, there was lively live music by the Crawfish Crooners, and there was a parade at the end of dinner.


On the way to dinner.


Clockwise: Pickled Gulf Shrimp and Satsuma Orange Salad (light and fresh!); Iceberg Wedge; Sauteed Gulf Shrimp and Grits (highly recommend!); New Orleans Seafood Pepper Pot.  I also ordered the Boudin Sausage Fritters for n to try as an appetizer, but they were too mushy and a “miss”.


I think I have neglected to mention the bread service.  It changed every meal, and sometimes came with dipping sauce.  That night it was herbed brioche.


D and I both had the Cajun Spiced Sea Bass on Shrimp Jambalaya with crisp Fennel Salad and Remoulade.  This dish was solid, so I am glad we both ordered it!


Cute children’s menus.


The kids had the salmon off of the children’s menu.  This time, we asked for some soy sauce.  Not very Cajun, I know.



For dessert we had the New Orleans Bananas Foster Sundae and Tiana’s Buttermilk Beignets.


These could have been a little warmer, but were still yummy.  I know temperature control is difficult when serving such a large crowd at once.


Our head server Mehmet was quite a character and threatened to turn my nephew into a frog!


After dinner we returned to a towel bear, and scenery that would just not quit!




Our evening entertainment that night was the new Frozen musical.  We made sure to arrive early, about twenty minutes before the doors opened to make sure we obtained good seats.  Although the rule is that no one is allowed to save seats, everyone does.  One tip is that there are booster seats for the kids in case you end up behind a tall person.  I would say this show is not to be missed!  In the very beginning, I was a little annoyed by the puppets and nasally voices because I forgot that the story began when the main characters were children.  Once the main story unfolded, however, I was quite impressed with the visual effects and the singing.  I can totally imagine this being fleshed out as a full-blown Broadway musical, like Lion King.  It was a wonderful end to a wonderful day.


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