Disneyland Staycation


We brought sandwiches for lunch and ate them in the park.  After lunch we stood in the labyrinth that is the Jungle Cruise line.  n paused for some meditation. 


Cutest question of the day.  n: “How do they train the tiger to stay so still??”


Favorite treat of the day: Dole Whip float at the Tiki Room.  The line outside, along the fence was long, but if you go to the show waiting area, it is much shorter.  Thankfully, n was able to partake since it was pasteurized pineapple (not fresh). 


We were able to get a Fast Pass for the Halloween-themed Haunted Mansion, so that saved us a lot of time.  Bummed that we were not able to go on Pirates of the Caribbean, though. 


At about 2:45, we checked into our room at Springhill Suites, which should be only about a five minute drive.  However, there was construction going on, and traffic was bad, especially when trying to get back to Disneyland Friday evening.  We should have known to just park in the off-site parking, as Mickey and Friends was full!


We picked up some sandwiches at Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney and ate them in line for Space Mountain.  Yes, we are crazy, and waited in line for about 1.75 hours!  The problem was that Space Mountain was shut down the whole morning, and by the time we checked the Fast Passes, they were being handed out for 10:00 p.m., which is way past our bedtimes!  However, I think it turned out to be the kids’ favorite ride, so it was somewhat worth it. 


The finale to our day was watching Fantasmic.  This show always brings back memories of when I worked crowd control at Disneyland.  Who knew that about twenty years later, I would be watching it with my husband and kids!  We also stayed for the firework show, immediately after.  n was able to stay up for Fantasmic, but conked out during the fireworks.


It was nice to be able to take a short ride to the hotel, and crash.  The next morning, we impatiently waited for the hotel breakfast bar to open, scarfed down some food, and then arrived in time for n’s soccer game at 7:30 a.m.!

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