Frostbites, LA Galaxy & Buffalo Wild Wings

The OC Register was giving away LA Galaxy tickets to 7 day subscribers, so I requested some for Saturday night, against the San Jose Earthquakes.  On our way up to Carson, we stopped in Cypress to visit Frostbites.  We had a BOGO coupon, so we ordered two sorbet creams—one with mango and passionfruit, and one with mango and cherry sorbet.  The “cream” was vanilla frozen custard.  It was a refreshing treat, especially during this hot weather.



The game started at 7:30, but we arrived early.  This was a good thing, because it was quite a trek from the parking lot to the Stubhub Stadium.  The tickets were free, but we did have to pay $15 for parking.


Soccer players certainly have a lot of running around to do on such a large field. 


We received Robbie Keane bobbleheads at the gate.  (I told them we only wanted two.  Four seemed like overkill.)


The sun went down, and the weather was actually pleasant. 


The bleacher section had some rowdy fans.  They played drums, sang, chanted, waved hug flags, threw streamers and smoke bombs throughout the WHOLE GAME!  At least it was entertaining.  We didn’t stay until the end, but LA won, 3-nil.

Since it was a shut-out, all ticketholders were entitled to five boneless chicken wings from Buffalo Wild Wings.  So, the next day, we redeemed our tickets in Irvine for 20 free boneless chicken wings:



These were a bit disappointing.  We ordered lemon pepper and sweet bbq for the kids and jalapeno and Asian zing for us.  The flavors seemed artificial, and the boneless are just not as good as the bone-in.  Oh well, they were free, so we shouldn’t complain, right?

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