Getty Center With Kids


After lunch, we fought some mid-day L.A. traffic to go to the Getty Center.  We tried to excite the kids by telling them about the tram ride that you take from the parking lot to the museum.


Looks like they’re having fun.


Since we arrived mid-day, there were no iPods to check out, much to the disappointment of k and n.



I think the garden may be my favorite part of the museum.  It was also nice to experience more mild weather after our epically hot weather the week before. 




It was pretty crowded, as you can see…


These ladybug-like flowers caught our eye.


This is what we looked/felt like by the end of our day.  We only made it through two of the four wings.  Going to both the Villa and the Center in one day is a lot, especially with young kids.  On the tram ride home, the pre-recorded narrator said something like “we hope that you are leaving the Getty Center recharged”.  Drained would have probably been a better word, especially after D valiantly drove us home in more traffic.  D and I decided we should return every five years with the kids, which would mean two more times before k graduates from high school.  It will be interesting to see how their perspectives/experiences change. 

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