Grand Canyon: Breakfast @ El Tovar


On Saturday morning we went to El Tovar, the famous lodge situated on the edge of the Grand Canyon for breakfast.


It was built over one hundred years ago.  The inside is rustic, yet classy.



I had read about the fancy hot chocolate service, so we ordered it.  There is whipped cream and chocolate chips in the cup, and the hot chocolate is poured over it from a carafe.  This made the hot chocolate not at all warm enough for my mom’s liking, but it ended up being the perfect temperature for the kids from the first sip.


We ordered two sweet dishes: pancake trio with pinion nut butter and prickly pear syrup and wafffle with lemon curd and blueberries. 

We also ordered two savory dishes, which were quite hearty: breakfast burrito with pork and breakfast quesadilla with beef. 


These dishes were definitely enough for the six of us.  It was a nice way to end our vacation. 


Afterwards we took one last glance at the canyon from the back of the hotel property.  The bottom picture shows two huge birds (turkey vultures?) that were just hanging out on the rocks.  I definitely need to look for better zoom capability on my next camera.


On our journey home, there were some low-lying cumulus clouds that fascinated me.  I also read that a storm hit the Grand Canyon the afternoon we left, so we just missed it.  Our next national park trip is already in the works: Kings & Sequoia!

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