Hello Succulents!

I may have lost my blogging mojo, but I have plans to get back on the train.  We will start “simple”, which seems to be n’s favorite word these days.  “It’s simple Mommy, it’s simple.”


n helped me make this terrarium with succulents.  It really was quite simple.  I have had the one in the forefront for a couple of years now, which I bought at the UCI farmers market.  The two in the back were recently purchased at Home Depot.  The one in the back left is a Red-Headed Irishman and the one in the back right is called Bunny Ears.  The Red-Headed Irishman is a tricky one to handle because its spikes are so sharp!  The Bunny Ears is so soft, but after touching it and having n touch it, I read the label which warned against touching it—oops.  We put gravel on the bottom and added cactus soil.  The final touch was to add smooth polished rocks that we bought in Bryce as a souvenir.

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