Here We Go, SLO

No car trip would be complete without someone getting carsick.  In this case, it was k, right about an hour into our trip.  I think this time the Dramamine actually caused her to get sick.  Luckily, I am a quick draw with the plastic bag, and the rest of our trip was carsick-free.

Our first stop was here:



Why did we stop here, in Arroyo Grande?  Because it is owned by my cousin and her husband and I haven’t seen her in years!



That’s Frank, their friendly dog.  It was a short stop, but it was nice to catch up a little.  Erin even gave the kids a few extra keys on a key ring which delighted them to no end.

Our next stop was lunch at Firestone Grill.  Apparently, this place is an institution in SLO.  Even my vegetarian cousin told us we had to try it.


We ordered a large tri-tip salad, side of onion rings and the famous tri-tip sandwich.


Wow, everything was so good.  The tri-tip was so succulent and I liked all the additional flavors in the salad—bacon and blue cheese with the crunchy vegetables (we had to ask for another container of vinaigrette).  D put the sandwich on his list!  It was an auspicious start to our food-filled weekend.

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  1. Yeah, next time hopefully we can meet up with Luke too! The wait for Firestone wasn't bad because we got in line five minutes before it opened (but there were already people in line!)

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