Irvine Railroad & Doner G

On Sunday afternoon we went to Irvine Regional Park’s birthday celebration and rode the train for $2 each (usually $5 each).  There was quite a crowd.



The ride was not very long, but there was a nice little narration that talked about some points of interest.  I do not think it would have been worth $20, but $8 was an ok value.



We ate a picnic lunch and then looked for a good place for the kids to ride bikes.  Not really seeing any, we decided to stop at the playground.  k and n kept themselves busy for a looong time, pumping by themselves.  This was the first time that n kept himself going for such a good period, so it was cause for celebration.

For dinner, we tried a new place called Doner G, which serves Turkish and Mediterranean food.


We ordered a beef plate and chicken pita.  We used a coupon from the Irvine Crossroads Shopping Center website for a free side of hummus.  Everything tasted really good, even though the kids were skeptical when we said we were eating Mediterranean food.  D nods his head when he likes his food, and there was a lot of head nodding during this meal.  The people eating there seemed to be a lot of different ethnicities.  The service was friendly and fast.  I feel like there are so many restaurants to try, but we get in a rut of relying on a few places that are close by and cheap.  It was nice to try something new. 

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