Katy’s Place—Carmel

On Friday morning we went to Katy’s Place for late breakfast/early lunch.  This place is popular, and we had to wait around 25 minutes.  A six year old girl started chatting up k during the wait.  D’s dad said it gained popularity when Jessica Simpson ate breakfast there with her dog.  Interesting.



It was chilly in Carmel, which was actually a nice change from the hot weather in the Bay Area.


For the kids, they had those water games that used to be really popular.  I thought that was a nice change from the usual crayons.  With all seriousness, n told me, “Mommy, put this in your purse.”  I had to explain to him that we had to leave them for other kids to play with. Smile


The restaurant is known for eggs benedict, so we had to try it out.  The sauce was quite luscious and the eggs were perfectly poached.  What do they do with all of the extra egg whites?


They make egg white omelets, of course.  This was packed with veggies, and made us feel a little less guilty about indulging in the eggs benedict. 

Note: This place is cash only, and not inexpensive, so don’t be caught off-guard!

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