Kerostena Mediterranean Grill

On our way home from the Long Beach Harbor tour, we decided to stop in Garden Grove, near by my childhood home, to a newish restaurant called Kerostena Mediterranean Grill.  Yes, we had a BOGO coupon from the Entertainment Book.  Smile  The kids are never excited when we tell them tat we are going to eat Mediterranean food.  However, once they taste it, they inevitably like it!  This was no exception.

The restaurant is not too large.  It was actually really crowded because there was a family birthday party that took up most of the tables.  It was funny to watch the grandpa hand out twenty dollar bills to all of his grandkids.  I don’t think this was an ideal place to have a large party, but the food was good and reasonably priced, so I guess I can understand why they chose this place. 

You order at the counter and the food is brought to the table.  We ordered a chicken shawerma plate and a gyro plate. 

The chicken was remarkably tender.  It was a little lacking in flavor, but if you spread a little of the pungent garlicky white sauce (similar to Zankou chicken), it adds all the flavor you need.

The gyro meat was n’s favorite.  When you add the hummus and pickled vegetables, there are a lot of different flavors that play well together. 

We really enjoyed this authentic, family-run restaurant.  I can see why it has such high reviews on Yelp!

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