Keurig V500 House Party

Last month I was chosen as a host for a Keurig House Party.  I’ve done other House Parties before, but D was particularly excited about this one.  We’ve had the same coffee maker that we received as a wedding present 9+ years ago.  It still works perfectly fine, but now we are on the Keurig bandwagon.


This is the new Keurig V500 (there is also a V700 model) that we received.  D has dubbed this the “nicest appliance” we own.  It uses V cups, not K cups, (though I’m not quite sure of the difference), has controls for size, strength, and temperature and can do hot or iced beverages.


We were also provided with a nice assortment of varieties to try.  (I also purchased some using a nice discount).  We now have enough coffee to last us a year.  We had a tasting party with our small group.


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