Knotts’ Boardwalk

On Saturday we went to Knott’s early because they opened up Camp Snoopy and a few other rides a half hour early for passholders.  We now have a routine of sorts, and this is oftentimes the first ride for the kids since it is right at the entrance.  I’ve never seen adults ride on it before (I didn’t even think they were allowed to).  I love the grandma’s expression (she only went on because they said another adult had to even out the weight).   



This giant skateboard ride is so funny to me.



We were also able to check out the revamped Log Ride, my personal favorite.


New creepy animatronic figures.  I’m not sure if it was just my imagination, but I think they now pipe in a wood fragrance too.


The pine trees look nice and fresh.


There is a newly opened section called the Boardwalk.  n was able to go on two of the three rides.  Notice how overcast it was—perfect theme park weather.


This ride knocked my equilibrium out of whack.  I do not think I will be going on it again any time soon.




We watched the Wild West show again, this time from a covered wagon instead of the splash zone.  Smile

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