Lost In Minnesota and Mill City Museum


I had Thursday morning to myself since D was working the Expo.  After eating breakfast at the hotel, I did a little shopping downtown.  The highlight for me was Target, which is headquartered in Minneapolis.  The downtown Target is two stories, and stocked some things that I have not seen in California, including fabric.  There were a bunch of corporate-types studying the displays, which was interesting to listen to.  I also picked up a Twin Cities “You Are Here” mug at the adjoining Starbucks.


I met D for lunch at the convention center.  The food was pretty good (although D said it was better than the day before).  We had chicken, BBQ brisket, macaroni, salad, green beans and corn bread, with cupcakes for dessert.

The lowlight of the trip occurred that afternoon.  I had a deceptively simple assignment from D and D’s boss.  I was to drive D’s rental car to Eden Prairie (about 20 minutes from Minneapolis) so that D and D’s boss could return the display cars and we could all drive back in the rental car.  I copied down directions, and also had the rental car GPS.  I had been apprehensive about driving in rain/snow, but the sun was out…what could go wrong?  Well, my directions and the GPS did not match up, and the GPS was impossible to follow.  I was trying not to stress, but panic was setting in.Disappointed smile  I called D, but he was really not of any help since he was not familiar with the area either.  Time was running out, because we were all supposed to catch a shuttle to a corporate event back in Minneapolis.  I said several prayers, made some guesses as to where to go and FINALLY made it my destination.  I was embarrassed, relieved, and grateful all at the same time.  Embarrassed smile Open-mouthed smile Fortunately, D’s boss was very understanding, and D was able to drive us all directly to the event so we made it on time.


The dinner was held at the Mill City Museum.  The museum is dedicated to preserving Minneapolis’ history in the flour industry.  029

Love the pancake table with butter pat stools.


We were able to take the elevator tour, which was reminiscent of a tame Tower of Terror.


Each level told a different part of the story.


The view from the top was nice, and included Saint Anthony Falls and the Stone Arch Bridge.




Notice the snow.

I was also able to stamp my National Park passport at the gift store since we saw part of the Mississippi Rivers-score!


Dinner was nice, even though I am not a big fan of small talk.  We ended up at a table with Toyota, Volvo and Subaru.  Auto


It was an interesting venue and I am glad we were able to visit.  We were also given a favor of B.T. McElwrath chocolate caramels, which was a much-appreciated gesture. 

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