Mediterranean Food Date Nights

My sister and I swap babysitting duties once a month so we can have date night every other month.  This past weekend was our turn to go out, so we ended up at Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill.  Believe it or not, we did not have a coupon, but we shared an entrée (steak shwarma, side of falafel and drink for $11, and it was enough.


People liken it to Chipotle, since you pick a protein, and then whether you want it in a wrap, salad or plate.  I liked how it comes with all of the sides—hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, plus a garlic sauce, tzatziki, etc.  Everything tasted fresh and the flavors all melded well.  We tried to go to the Solar Decathlon afterwards, but they had already closed the gates so we ended up shopping at Trader Joe’s. Smile

Going there reminded me of our undocumented date night back in August, when we also chose a Mediterranean/Greek place, Luna Grill.  I guess we lean towards Mediterranean because it is not the kids’ favorite type of food.  Luna Grill is in the Spectrum.


That’s one full parking lot!


At this restaurant, we had a BOGO coupon from a booklet provided by the Irvine Company.  This place is also quite good.  The atmosphere is a notch above Garbanzo Grill, too.

Afterward, my curiosity got the best of me and wanted to try a piece of Dragon’s Beard candy from a cart by the merry-go-round.  There’s a young Asian guy listening to music with his ear buds that makes this delicate candy to order for $1 a piece. 


This is the Oreo flavor.  Not very appetizing, I know.  Kind of looks like bug larvae or something.  It was interesting, but will probably be one of those “one time things” for us.

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