Memorial Day & Medieval Times

We had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend hanging close to home. In addition to celebrating j’s birthday, we went to Yogurtland’s secret free day on Saturday. D’s co-worker N tipped us off since he knows we’re always up for free food. As soon as D received the text message, we were putting on our shoes and loading up the car!
The other highlight of our weekend was a trip to Medieval Times in Buena Park. I won two adult tickets, so it was a pretty good deal. Even though I grew up in Orange County, I had never been. I remember seeing tons of commercials back in the day and was always curious about what when on inside the castle which is visible from Beach Blvd. We decided to keep it a secret and did not tell the kids where we were going until we arrived. D’s only clue to them was “Make sure you’re wearing clean underwear!” Haha! The operator told me to arrive one hour early, so we arrived one hour and twenty minutes early, Lim-style. It turns out this was not really necessary, so we just explored the holding room and courtyard.
We witnessed a few “knighting” ceremonies before the show. This is done for people who purchase special packages to celebrate life events. Mostly it was people celebrating birthdays, but there was one girl who was celebrating “being potty-trained” and another was for a boy “for going to high school”. I could not help but bust up laughing, especially when it was announced in a “royal” voice!
The seating was quite tight. My tip would be to go to the restroom before the show because there really was no way for anyone to get out without evacuating the entire row. However, do not wait until the prior show gets out, because then the line is really long!
The food was pretty decent considering that they have to serve so many people all at once. The kids really liked the garlic bread. The “baby dragon” was a large 1/2 chicken portion. The white meat was dry, but the dark meat was nice and moist. I liked the hot apple turnover for dessert, too!
The fun part is eating with your hands since no utensils are provided!
We cheered for the Yellow Knight, but alas, he did not win.
There was a falconer…
…fancy horse tricks…
{This girl reminded me of Lo from “Laguna Beach/The Hills”.} P1020060
…and fighting, of course!
Yes, it was somewhat cheesy, but it was also fun to wear a paper crown, eat with our hands and cheer along with the crowd.

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