#MomFail x 2

So, the kids’ last day of school was yesterday. The day before the last day of school, guess who forgot to pick up her daughter from school for minimum day? (My excuse is that my schedule was thrown off because n did not have speech therapy, which he has had all year, and which ended at the same time that school lets out). Thankfully, k told another mom she saw, the mom called me to confirm that I had indeed forgot, and she dropped k off at our house.

My second, even bigger failure occurred today when I committed this atrocity: #MomFail
I had given him a decent haircut earlier in the afternoon, but then noticed some unevenness later on. I got the razor out again, forgetting that I had taken the shield off the trimmer! Oh my goodness, I cannot believe I did that! n is going to be wearing hats in public for a while. I guess it is a good thing he does not have to go to school looking like this. Hopefully we will all be able to look back at this and just laugh. At least hair grows back, right?? 🙂

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