n’s Room Makeover

n’s room is still a work in progress, but I am here to report that progress has been made.  Just like k, I waited until n was four years old before decorating his room.  n has been quite excited about the process and likes the fact that he has a bed “just like k’s” now.  (Ikea Brimnes—pain to put together, but LOTS of storage). 


n’s room is quite small, and ended up being a dumping ground for a while.  As you can see, the closet was not working for our four year old boy, especially since he likes to change his clothes at least three times a day. 


I repainted his closet and room and installed a closet system.  Now n can put his clothes away by himself (with some prompting).


We also threw away his dresser (the drawers under his Brimnes effectively replaced it) and Craiglisted his toddler bed.  We went with an outer space theme with bedding from Target. 


I found this cute decal set at Graphic Spaces on Etsy. 


On Friday I sewed the Euro shams.  Kids’ rooms are so fun to decorate!

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