OCFA Open House

We went to the OCFA Open House for the second time last Saturday.  The key to this event is to arrive early.  The parking lot fills up fast.  We arrived at around 9:50 for the 10:00 start time, but there were already lots of people there.  The sign said they opened the parking lot up at 9:45. 


Last time the line for the fire engine ride was too long, so we made that our first stop this year.


This truck was from the 1950’s.


We knew a family that was on the truck before us.


Kitchen fire demo.  The moral of the story was never pour water on a kitchen fire.  Turn the stove off, put the cover on, leave the house and call 911.


There was a Habitat for Humanity house model.  n is munching on his Krispy Kreme donut from Salvation Army.  There was also coffee/hot chocolate.


We also took a tour of the 911 call center along with a boy scout troop. 


I was surprised to hear that the 911 operators have sleeping/living quarters there. 


There was some old school equipment.  When was the last time you saw a dot matrix printer in operation?  They also had Gateway computers in another room. 


However, they also had some high tech equipment, like this huge HP printer that they bring to the field to print maps.  Can you imagine how much the toner costs? 


I always like tours that give you the “behind the scenes” view of things.


Afterwards, we had a hot dog lunch prepared by the firefighters.  We ran into another family we know there.  I’m actually surprised we did not see more people we know, but I think a lot of them showed up later in the afternoon.


We are so appreciative of firefighters and those who protect our community!

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