One More Zion Post

Sunday morning we packed everything up and drove to our next leg of the trip: Bryce Canyon National Park. But first, let me include some more pictures of our camping trip in Zion. This was our first night camping for two nights and our first time camping in a state other than California. Despite my worries, it was fun!

In preparation for high winds, I did some research and it seemed that “guy lines” would make our tent more stable. D asked one of his “rugged” co-workers about them (he camps in snow!) and he let us borrow some rope and carabiners. Turns out we didn’t really need them (although it was gusty at night, our tent was fine), but D rigged up a convenient clothes line with them. This actually came in handy when some water accidentally spilled on some of our clothes.

Our campsite was covered in rocks, which did a good job of keeping the dirt from blowing everywhere. They were also a good source of entertainment for k and n.


Inside the tent, we hung these cute mini lanterns that n received for his birthday.

We brought plenty of sleeping bags and blankets to keep us warm at night. n doesn’t like to stay in his sleeping bag, so I found myself waking up just to make sure he was covered. I also wasn’t too sure how n would do with the toilet situation since he hasn’t been trained for too long, but he did just fine.


D did some Easter devotions in the tent and we taught k how to play 20 Questions. Then she kept on wanting to play and we regretted teaching her.

For breakfast on Sunday I wanted to go to the Mean Bean, but it wasn’t open, so we went to a cafe/gift shop called Elements that had caught my eye on our previous trips up and down Zion Blvd. We sort of a did a repeat of the breakfast from the day before, ordering a blueberry muffin, breakfast sandwich, milk and a mocha for D and me.
Although this muffin may not look like much, it was vastly superior to the one at Cafe Soleil. It was made from scratch and had a nice crunchy top. There were a half dozen on display on the counter and they let D choose which one he wanted. We also had it warmed up in the microwave.

Ordinary “McMuffin”.

I had read there is not too much food-wise in Bryce, so we picked up some sandwiches to-go at Sol Foods Supermarket.
There is a nice upscale deli/bakery that wasn’t too expensive.

On our way out of Zion, we stopped at Checkerboard Mesa.

We also went through the famed Mt. Carmel tunnel–1.1 miles long!

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