Misc. Disneyland Pics

OK, I’ve been a slacker on finishing the Disneyland posts. Besides the rides, I really enjoyed the Special 50th Anniversary firework show (we can hear it every night from our condo, but we’re usually sleeping by then) and Fantasmic! Here are some more random pics from our trip:

This castle seemed smaller than I remember.

Did you know that Disneyland has a petting zoo? It’s pretty small, though.

Tarzan's treehouse
D playing around at Tarzan’s treehouse.

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Disneyland Rankings/Comments

The following rankings were compiled by D. The comments are mine.

1. Indiana Jones
I was surprised D picked this as number 1. He didn’t seem too excited about it when we were done with the ride, but he says he likes the theming of the whole ride.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean
Apparently this ride will be closing soon so they can make it like the Johnny Depp version. It was nice to have one last look.

3. Thunder Mountain
Thunder Mountain
This one was more fun than I remembered. It was the only ride we went on twice: once during the day and once at night.

4. Splash Mountain
Love the drop at the end.

5. Space Mountain
They redid this ride last year. I didn’t really like the music playing in the headrests, but it was fun.

6. Matterhorn
I liked the coats that the workers at this ride had on–cute toggles.

7. Buzz Lightyear – Astro Blasters
You get to shoot at targets with guns that emit red lasers…D had a much higher score than me, but we were both in Level 3 (out of 10!)

8. Tom Sawyer Island
Tom Sawyer's Island
Nice place to do a little exploring.

9. Rocket Ride
We could barely fit in one rocket–D’s legs were pretty cramped. We went at night, when it looks cooler because it is all lit up. I think the older version was better, though, since you had to go on an elevator to get on.

10. Star Tours
D didn’t put on his seat belt and held up our take-off…hehe.

11. Small World
It's a Small World
Oldy but goody. I just noticed there’s another “50”…I’ll add that one to my previous post.

12. Jungle Cruise
Jungle Cruise
Our guide reminded me of one D’s friends, Marko.

13. Honey I Shrunk the Kids
This was the biggest disappointment. See, I used to work at Captain EO, which was replaced by this show. It’s pretty sad to say, but I think Michael Jackson was more entertaining than this one. (Although it would be entirely inappropriate now.) I didn’t even feel the mice!

14. Tiki Room
Go for the Dole Whip.

15. Toon Town
We didn’t go on any rides here, or in Fantasyland. Waay too many kids!

The Fast Passes really helped us cut down on our wait time.

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Unhealthy Eating at Disneyland

This post will chronicle what D & I ate at Disneyland last Sat. Looking back, it seems pretty gross, but it was just one day, and we walked A LOT. (We spent a total of 15.5 hours on the Disney grounds). Anyways, our mid-morning snack was the Dole Pineapple Whip:
Dole Whip
You can find this treat by the Tiki Room. It was $2.75 and I thought it was pretty tasty. It’s pineapple soft serve! The only problem is that they swirl it all around the outside of the cup so it looks like a lot, but there was nothing in the middle! The floats looked good too…it’s made with pineapple juice and the whip on top, but those were $4.50 🙁

I made reservations the previous Monday for the Blue Bayou. Our reservations were for the first seating, at 11:30 a.m. and they were already booked up for the rest of the day! This is the restaurant inside of the Pirates of the Carribean, in case you didn’t know. When we got there I asked the hostess if we could be seated by the water, and she assured us, “Oh, you’ll get water.” The boats float past the restaurant at the beginning of the ride. One rider shouted “How do you like your dinner?” It’s dark inside, so it always seems like night, I guess. D also pointed out that in the South, they call lunch “dinner” and dinner “supper” so technically they were using the correct terminology. Anyways, we split an order of the vegetable gumbo and the famed Monte Cristo sandwich, which comes with a side of pasta salad. They also serve rolls, and if you order a soda, it is bottomless…the servers don’t let it go past being 3/4 full! This was more than enough food for us. D rated the gumbo a “9” and the sandwich a “6”.
Monte Cristo
The Monte Cristo is a turkey, ham and swiss sandwich that is dipped in batter, fried, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with blackberry jam (more like a sauce). It was a bit heavy for my liking, but it’s one of those things that I had to check off my list.

For an afternoon snack, D bought a Mickey shaped ice cream bar, which I did not approve of. I’m so mean sometimes.
Mickey Ice Cream

For dinner we went to Bengal BBQ near the Indiana Jones ride. We ordered a chicken kebab, a bacon-wrapped asparagus kebab and tigger tail breadsticks.
Bengal BBQ
The bacon-wrapped asparagus (in the middle) was the best…with a squeeze of lemon, yum! I want to try to make that at home. The chicken and breadsticks were only alright.

Post-dinner we shared a corn dog from the truck near Carnation Plaza. Oh yeah, and we also shared a cherry lemonade while waiting for the fireworks. Yay for theme park food.

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50th Anniversary

Last Sat. D and I went to Disneyland and bought 2fer tickets. I hadn’t been since I worked there about ten years ago, and D and I had never been together. Plus, Disneyland is celebrating their 50th Anniversay so I thought it would be a good time to go. Here are some pictures of all of the “50’s” that we saw throughout the park.
parade 50 New Orleans 50
Dole Whip
It's a Small World

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The Motivator

Who’s that guy that you hear yelling whenever an American is about to start a downhill ski event in the Olympics? I guess his job is to pump the skiiers up, but D and I always start cracking up. He has a really gruff voice and yells things like “Kill it!” or “Come on [fill in the skiier’s last name]…hammer it!” He does a good job of mixing it up. Maybe he has a notebook to keep track of new phrases to use. I want to see what he looks like, but they never show him.

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Found a Job!

I have been searching for a job for about 1.5 months, and last week I landed a contract to permanent position at this company in Cypress. I am going to be in a contract positon for 2 weeks because they wanted me in there right away, but I should become a permanent employee in about 2 weeks. At least I got a verbal offer for the permanent position. God is good. Not only because I found a job, but also that He answered my prayer in terms of being at peace in which position I should take. My journey, while not too long, was very interesting.

I first went to an outplacement service called Right Mangement Solutions, and they helped with difficult decisions, such as; 1 or 2 page resume?, should you provide personal business cards?, and what to say during a 30 second “commercial”. This helped me get into the right mind set. It was funny that the only parking they validated at this place in Irvine, was valet. And you are suppose to tip the valet guys! (Hello, you are unemployed!) Also I noticed there are a lot of wealthy people there.

I interviewed at many companies including, Disney, Taco Bell, Carl Karcher Enterprises, Coca-Cola, Beckman-Coulter, Black & Decker, Hines Horticulture, SM&A, ConAgra (Phone), & Mazda (Informational). The Disney one was interesting because you go to this “casting” area, where employees of all levels are interviewing. Taco Bell has a drive thru menu by the lobby of their building on the 2nd floor. Coca-Cola had a full on fountain drink area with slurpies in their kitchen area! Hines Horticulture is in a large nursery, that will soon be handed over to the Irvine company so they can make more homes. And Taco Bell and Coca-Cola employees get off at 1 p.m. from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

At this company in Cypress, a recruiter called me and told me they had a contract opportunity and they wanted me to send my resume. Then they set me up for an interview on Wednesday, and I interviewed with 4 employees. However, they liked me so much they wanted to bring me on full time. But since someone was leaving next week, they wanted me to contract for 2 weeks because it takes them that long to do the paperwork. They make you take a physical & drug test. But I wanted to contract there for a month, and then decide where I would work depending on where I got offers from. However, they knew I was actively interviewing, so they told me we want to know if you are really interested because they didn’t want me to work for a few weeks and then have to find someone else all over again once I left.

I was struggling in my decision to take this position or wait for another position that I had a first round interview with. This Cypress company offered good pay, title and was 2 miles from my house, however I thought that a large Fortune 500 company was calling my name. I remember when Abraham of the Old Testament sent his servant to find a wife for his son Isaac. The servant thought of this character test. The woman who not only offers the servant water but also offers to water his camels as well, would be the woman for Isaac. In the end she was a relative of Abraham, which was good, menaing she was a believer, and the servant found the right wife. So I was thinking of a “test” that would show that God would show me that this position was the right one. Since I couldn’t really think of a good one I prayed that God would let me know and give me peace. My wife asked me if I had peace about the decision and this other guy said peace was one of the 3 things to look in deciding if this was what the Lord wanted, along with being in line with the scriptures and that the circumstances presented that opportunity. Well in the end, I was able to talk with the CFO of the company the next day and he alleviated my fears of if this company was as profitable as the hiring manager led me to beleive. In addition after I said yes to coming in and contracting for this position, I found out that this Fortune 500 company mysteriously changed their minds. Also it was weird that before another Fortune 1000 company didn’t hire me because supposedly 2 recruiters were claiming that they sent my resume into the company first. And the company was afraid of litigation. I was bummed, but was confident that it was not the right opportunity for me. L also mentioned that is it weird that I found a job only 2 miles away from the home that we bought 6 months ago.

Some people might think this is random, but I don’t. God is soverign.


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Go Toby!

D & I are trying to catch up on our Winter Olympics watching this weekend. We are still on Wednesday’s events and just saw Toby Dawson win bronze in the Freestyle Moguls. It’s nice to see some Asian American (Korean) representation. His mom (who is white) is so cute…she’s always jumping up and down in the stands and screaming.

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Look what D got me for Valentine’s Day. This was actually a surprise! (D is not too good at keeping secrets.)
Salmon Sandwich
Here is what D made for dinner–salmon sandwiches. This wasn’t a surprise, but it was tasty. Look at that tarragon!
D's gifts
I bought these pants for D, along with some choxie chocolate bars.
Creme Brulee
I tried making creme brulee from Trader Joe’s but had a hard time melting the sugar. I need a blow torch! We also exchanged sappy cards. Pretty fun for a Tuesday.

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The Loft Coincidence

D and I have been to The Loft together twice. The first was in Cerritos over a year ago and the second was in Cypress yesterday. Both times we saw the same guy from our church! How weird is that? We ordered an island fried chicken plate (a must, as L & L does not have it) and a regular teriyaki chicken bowl along with a spam musubi. I got D hooked on the plate lunches–cool.

On Sat. we hosted a “Torino dinner” for my fam. It was really just some Italian food from Trader Joe’s or “Trader Giotto’s,” while watching a little Olympics. We should have people over more often because it motivates us to clean!

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Hot Means HOT!

Our latest culinary adventure took place at Mike’s Bar-B-Que. D ordered the pork rib dinner with beans and cole slaw ($10.24) and I had the brisket dinner with macaroni salad and collard greens. ($9.60). They also give you two pieces of white bread, which we toasted at home. I ordered the “hot” sauce, which was…hot. I don’t think that even my sister in law would have to add tabasco. 🙂 It was enough food for lunch the next day when I made some rice and corn to add. We used our trusty Entertainment Book coupon so we got my dinner for free! The meat was good, but I’m not sure I would go again without some sort of discount. The lunch plates seem like a pretty good deal, though. ($5.40-$7.59). I liked the macaroni salad–slightly soupy and sweet. They ran out of the potato salad, D’s first choice. Also, this is probably better for take-out as there isn’t too much ambience.

Mike’s Bar-B-Que
11513 Knott Avenue
Cypress, CA 90630
(714) 799-6222

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