Thank You, Vince Young!

When Mr. InVINCEable ran in that final touchdown last night, my heart leapt for joy for two reasons:
1. From a young age, my Dad has instilled in me, a distaste (to put it mildly) for USC. Forget Pac-10 loyalty. I wanted SC to go down!
2. Saturdays no longer have to revolve around college football. D is free at last (until next season, that is). Huzzah!

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New Year’s Traditions

Today we celebrated New Year’s Day a day late by cooking/eating Asian food (Japanese, Chinese, Korean–we don’t discriminate). In addition, D and my dad watched football while my mom, sister and I made cards. We started this tradition a while back. My mom brings out all of her card-making supplies (a lot!) and I try to make cards that will last us the whole year. I’ve got Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, thank you’s, baby, and weddings covered!

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Hello 2006!

We hope everyone had a more exciting New Year’s Eve than we had. We didn’t make any plans, and when it started raining, that sealed the deal: we were staying in. D & I toasted the new year with sparkling blueberry juice from Trader Joe’s (quite tasty). We watched an inordinate amount of television and I managed to pack up all of our Christmas decorations. It was kind of sad to hear Dick Clark in not-so-good health…he finally aged, I guess.

Here’s a picture from Cookie Fest 2005:
Cookie Platter

Here’s D preparing to ski at Squaw Valley:

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Welcome to our New webpage

For a new year, we decided to spice things up a bit. After thorough research we chose to go with Blogger and add a fancy name to our page.

Top 30 North American Destinations

City Travel (Visited)
1 New York, NY (Y)
2 San Francisco, CA (Y)
3 Chicago, IL (Y)
4 Boston, MA (Y)
5 Vancouver, BC (Y)
6 Washington D.C. (Y)
7 Seattle, WA (Y)
8 Montreal, QB (N)
9 New Orleans, LA (N)
10Los Angeles, CA (Y)
1 Honolulu, HI (Y)
2 San Diego, CA (Y)
3 Miami, FL (N)
4 San Juan, PR (N)
5 Puerta Vallarta, Mexico (Y)

Adventure Travel
National Parks
1 Yosemite, CA (Y)
2 Grand Canyon, AZ (Y)
3 Yellowstone, WY (Y)
4 Banff, AB (N)
5 Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica (Y)
1 Whistler Blackcomb, BC (Y)
2 Snowbird / Alta, UT (Y)
3 Vail, CO (N)
4 Mammoth, CA (N)
5 Squaw Valley, CA (Y)
1 Maui, HI (Y)
2 Big Island, HI (Y)
3 Kauai, HI (N)
4 U.S. Virgin Islands: St. John (N)
5 Bahamas: Harbour Island (N)

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