LA Auto Show Part 1

D & CX-7
Yesterday D & I went to the LA Auto Show (shout out to K for getting us tickets). This will be a multi-part post because we took a lot of pictures, and the thought of one big post is too over-whelming. Anyway, D was excited to see the new Mazda CX-7, (a cross-over) which had its first unveiling at the LA Auto Show. D was disappointed that the doors were locked, but he liked how it looked from the outside. Now he says we are going to get one in a year and a half, but we’ll see how long that lasts! 🙂

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The Boba Mishap

Last night, D and I went to eat at BCD Tofu in Garden Grove. We shared the short rib combo, which comes with soon tofu, pictured here (we also ordered one extra stone pot of rice). As you can see, it was a cauldron of bubbling spiciness, sputtering out onto my paper place mat. We requested “medium” spiciness, and it was quite good. The ribs also came piping hot, served on a sizzling plate. It was a good amount of meat, so I’m glad we shared. While we were waiting for our food, the restaurant played “Arthur’s Theme” by Christopher Cross, a favorite of mine. Good times. The waitresses also tried speaking to us in Korean–haha.

Now, on to the story for which this entry is named. After our dinner, I suggested that we go to the boba place at the end of the strip mall, called Boba Loca. D tried to poke the big straw through the plastic top, but it wouldn’t go through. So, he held the cup steady and jammed the straw with all of his might and broke the whole cup! Milk tea spilled all over the counter, bar stool and floor. D asked for a new one and I tried to mop up as best I could with the paper napkins. We had the cashier poke the hole in our new boba so we wouldn’t have a repeat disaster and we quickly left. The cup had a Bible verse on it, just like In-n-out!

Afterwards, we hung out at the Block. They have added a lot of stores recently that I hadn’t seen before. There was cool looking gelato place called Melt that we should try some day. D bought a Berkeley sweatshirt at Steve and Barry’s. Everything in the store was $7.98! D used to go to that store in Indiana for IU t-shirts, but I guess they’re expanding. The t-shirts were super cheap and the iron-on writing would come off after a few washings. However, D’s sweatshirt is embroidered, so hopefully it will last longer.

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College Football 2006

L says that she is happy that I am “back.” Well, just to let you know there will be plenty of internet time that needs to be spend on CAL/Pac-10 football. First we have the final season poll that shows that CAL is ranked 25! Thats 2 seasons in a row where we are ranked in the top 25. And a “Early 2006 Top 10” poll from ESPN that has Cal at #10!

10. Cal — The Bears’ offense exploded its last two games after coach Jeff Tedford finally pulled the plug on erratic QB Joe Ayoob. With Steve Levy or Nathan Longshore at quarterback complementing RBs Marshawn Lynch and Justin Forsett, Cal’s attack could be pretty scary in 2006.

In addition, I need to follow the recruiting process. Which high school players are committing to CAL.

Also IU basketball is heating up. They are ranked #4 in S.I. power rankings! Go Hoosiers, beat Ohio State on Saturday!

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Derek’s Food Thoughts

What are your favorite foods?

For me, I like…
#1 Rib-eye
#2 Lamb chops
#3 Sea Bass

The first two are easy to describe how I like them prepared. I just need salt and pepper on my rib-eye i.e. Flemings or Outback. For lamb chops, I am not too sure how they prepare it. Probably salt, pepper, and then the famous mint sauce. For sea bass, I am not too sure. I like Chilean sea bass prepared in a fancy American way. However, I also like black bass prepared at Chinese restaurants i.e. soy sauce and green onion.

What is your favorite food?
lamb chops
sea bass

Free polls from

My favorite “show” is college football, but I also like Rachael Ray. Her “$40 a Day” show is like a travel show AND a food show all in one. In addition, she has cute sayings. I like the shows where she goes to U.S. or Canadian locations, because I feel like I can go there. The European ones, I mostly likely won’t go to.

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Thank You, Vince Young!

When Mr. InVINCEable ran in that final touchdown last night, my heart leapt for joy for two reasons:
1. From a young age, my Dad has instilled in me, a distaste (to put it mildly) for USC. Forget Pac-10 loyalty. I wanted SC to go down!
2. Saturdays no longer have to revolve around college football. D is free at last (until next season, that is). Huzzah!

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New Year’s Traditions

Today we celebrated New Year’s Day a day late by cooking/eating Asian food (Japanese, Chinese, Korean–we don’t discriminate). In addition, D and my dad watched football while my mom, sister and I made cards. We started this tradition a while back. My mom brings out all of her card-making supplies (a lot!) and I try to make cards that will last us the whole year. I’ve got Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, thank you’s, baby, and weddings covered!

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Hello 2006!

We hope everyone had a more exciting New Year’s Eve than we had. We didn’t make any plans, and when it started raining, that sealed the deal: we were staying in. D & I toasted the new year with sparkling blueberry juice from Trader Joe’s (quite tasty). We watched an inordinate amount of television and I managed to pack up all of our Christmas decorations. It was kind of sad to hear Dick Clark in not-so-good health…he finally aged, I guess.

Here’s a picture from Cookie Fest 2005:
Cookie Platter

Here’s D preparing to ski at Squaw Valley:

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Welcome to our New webpage

For a new year, we decided to spice things up a bit. After thorough research we chose to go with Blogger and add a fancy name to our page.

Top 30 North American Destinations

City Travel (Visited)
1 New York, NY (Y)
2 San Francisco, CA (Y)
3 Chicago, IL (Y)
4 Boston, MA (Y)
5 Vancouver, BC (Y)
6 Washington D.C. (Y)
7 Seattle, WA (Y)
8 Montreal, QB (N)
9 New Orleans, LA (N)
10Los Angeles, CA (Y)
1 Honolulu, HI (Y)
2 San Diego, CA (Y)
3 Miami, FL (N)
4 San Juan, PR (N)
5 Puerta Vallarta, Mexico (Y)

Adventure Travel
National Parks
1 Yosemite, CA (Y)
2 Grand Canyon, AZ (Y)
3 Yellowstone, WY (Y)
4 Banff, AB (N)
5 Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica (Y)
1 Whistler Blackcomb, BC (Y)
2 Snowbird / Alta, UT (Y)
3 Vail, CO (N)
4 Mammoth, CA (N)
5 Squaw Valley, CA (Y)
1 Maui, HI (Y)
2 Big Island, HI (Y)
3 Kauai, HI (N)
4 U.S. Virgin Islands: St. John (N)
5 Bahamas: Harbour Island (N)

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