Peters Canyon Night Hike

My sister told me about a night hike led by rangers from the OC Parks system being held at Peters Canyon, so we signed up.  There were refreshments (cookies and hot chocolate), and a short presentation of various animals that can be found at Peters Canyon.  The hike started a little late because we had to wait for everyone to use the restroom (a necessity after all that hot chocolate), and there were only two working stalls. 

We also told some friends from our small group and met them there.

There were two options—a longer hike and a shorter hike.  We opted for the shorter hike since we had to go somewhere afterward.  We were on the hunt for pack rats and tarantulas, but no such luck.  We did, however, come across these creatures:

Pretty freaky, huh?

No, they were not alive, but they were “real”.  Haha. 

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