Pool Party & Potluck

It seems that I have been neglecting our blog lately.  One positive is that our house is slowly benefiting from a deep clean which began at the start of summer.  I’m hoping the downstairs will be done before school starts!  One fun outing D and I had last week was watching a free sneak preview of “The Hundred Foot Journey” at Irvine Spectrum.  It has been quite a while since D and I have seen a non-kid movie in the theater.  I enjoyed the characters/story/scenery, and surprisingly, D liked it too.  It would be a good movie to wait to see on DVD, in the comfort of your home…maybe with some take-out Indian food!

On Friday night we went to a pool party and potluck with our small group, whom we have not met with in a while.  The kids had a blast in the pool, which is not surprising.  It is amazing to see how comfortable k is in the water now.  I’m still in that nervous stage with n, though.

The kids loved this raft!  We arrived earlier than everyone else, so they had it to themselves for a long time. 

Chillin’ in the hot tub. 

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