Rainbow & Butterfly Birthday Party

I haven’t been blogging recently because I feel like we haven’t been doing anything “blog-worthy”.  There were some activities that I thought we could do this past weekend, but then it was so hot and windy (and smoky, due to a fire, on Sunday), I just felt like staying inside.  We did help with our church’s rummage sale, though.  The kids enjoyed sorting, and we scored some good finds, including a sauce pot and non-stick frying pan.  We also used my birthday BOGO for Souplantation, also a favorite with the kids.

The weekend before, k went to a school friend’s birthday party at Pump It Up!  The birthday girl’s mom is very creative/crafty and went all out with the theme, as you can see (so cute!):


I appreciate how, at this stage, all of the parents have opportunities like these to get to know each other better.

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