Saigon & Bitter + Sweet

As usual, we ate a lot of good food during our trip.  For July 4th dinner we ate with D’s brother’s family at Saigon, a Chinese restaurant in Newark.  Everything was tasty, but we were especially impressed with the sea bass.



So buttery!  It was served with a side of butter, but I could not imagine adding more butter to the rich-tasting fish.


After sleeping over in Fremont, we headed to Bitter + Sweet to visit D’s cousin and his wife.  Here is cousin Ian helping out behind the counter.


Janice blends in so well with her café!


I tried the red velvet latte, which is their “specialty” drink.  Very nice—not too sweet, and smooth.  So pretty, too!  We ordered a hot chocolate for the kids, but unfortunately n spilled almost the whole cup—onto the table, k’s dress, shoes, and the floor.  Turns out this was only the beginning of a chain of multiple spills over the weekend.  At least the drink was not too hot so no one was injured.


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