San Antonio, Day 1

At the beginning of this month, I tagged along with D on his business trip to San Antonio.  We left on a Wednesday morning and returned Saturday evening.  The kids were happy to have an extended sleepover at Baba and Zaza’s house. 


D and I took separate flights from John Wayne airport.  Using his American Airline points, D was able to get me a free flight, but I had to take a circuitous route through Chicago!


One perk of stopping in Chicago was being able to taste this glorious torta from Rick Bayless’ Tortas Frontera.  It had pork and bacon and cost about $12, but I dare say, it was worth it!


We met up at the airport in San Antonio and checked into our hotel, the Riverwalk Marriott. 


Next we walked to the Wyndham hotel, which is where D’s conference was being held.  There was a light dinner reception with beef tacos, black beans, queso and guacamole.


D also checked to make sure his cars made it to the hotel for the conference.  They were already parked in valet, looking nice and shiny. 


After dinner we had our first look at the Riverwalk.  The weather was so warm and humid…felt like Hawaii.  At first we were walking along a “dead” part of the Riverwalk, which felt like it could be a setting for a mysterious crime novel.  However, we soon encountered the “happening” part, and it looked like everyone was having so much fun!  We were tired though, so we just had some gelato and went back to the hotel. 

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