San Antonio, Eats and The Saga


One thing that San Antonio does not lack is restaurants.  Walking up and down the River Walk, there is a seemingly endless chain of restaurant after restaurant.  D and I made mental notes of what was there and I researched them on Yelp during my downtime.  For dinner, we settled on The County Line.


For checking into Yelp we received a free appetizer plate of sausage.


We also ordered a side of the homemade wheat bread which was quite good.  However, we needed to save room for the main event, the bbq!


We ordered the five meat platter, which included brisket, sausage, turkey, a beef rib and baby back ribs.  I realize this picture is not very appetizing, but it was pretty good.  I should also mention that our waitress was particularly nice which made the experience even better.  However, the mosquitoes also had a feast on my legs while we dined outside, so that was not fun. 


View from our hotel room.

After D fulfilled his work duties the next day, we went to an area of San Antonio called The Market Square, which has a bunch of Mexican restaurants and shops.  I would not recommend walking there at night, as it is a bit sketchy, but during the day it was fine. 


We ate at Mi Tierra.  I ordered the lunch special of chicken with zucchini, rice, beans and a side of tortillas.


D ordered the beef enchiladas.


D also felt the need to order this red soda.  I forgot the actual name, but when D asked the waitress what it tasted like, she said it was like “Big Red”.  That was not helpful since we were not familiar with Big Red either.  I had one sip, but was not a fan.  I think it is like cherry Dr. Pepper. 


The restaurant had a lot of atmosphere, and we could not believe what a bargain the food was!


Of course, we had to make a stop at the bakery counter afterward. 


San Fernando Cathedral…more on this later.


This is the courthouse. 


Chillin’ out with our guava and lemon pastries—yum!  For dinner, we went to the Awards Banquet at the Wyndham.  We excused ourselves to make the 9:00 p.m. showing of The Saga, which is an art installation by Xavier de Richemont which is projected onto the façade of the aforementioned San Fernando Cathedral.


This is what it looked like at night, before the show began.


The show lasts about twenty minutes, and there is music to accompany the lights, which tells the history of San Antonio.


The production, which is free to the public, is so amazing!  I am glad I was able to convince D to go.  It was a wonderful way to wrap up our trip!

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