Sequoia National Park: General Sherman

After lunch we rode the shuttle back out to General Sherman.  One tip is that there are two shuttle stops for General Sherman.  If you get off at the stop for those with disabilities, you do not have to walk as far to reach the tree.  We gave the kids the choice—guess which one they chose!

Seeing General Sherman, the largest tree in the world, in all his glory was amazing.  Pictures do not do him justice.

A kind soul offered to take our family picture.  We look so miniscule in comparison.

We continued on the trail…

…and D spotted a bear!  Oh my, he was pretty close.  However, he was above us, on a sort of cliff, so it did not seem too scary.  It was pawing at the log, probably looking for grubs, as we saw in the movie.

While we were waiting for the shuttle, someone pointed out this bug on the outside of the bathroom.  I’m so glad we do not have critters like this at home!

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