Sequoia National Park: Moro Rock

On Friday morning we drove to the Lodgepole Visitors Center and k and n met with a park ranger to earn their junior ranger badges.

She was very thorough—I think because no one else was waiting in line.  Smile  k and n have now been to eight national parks.

Next, we bought tickets to the Wolverton Barbecue for later that night at the Lodgepole Market.

We ordered breakfast at the adjacent Lodgepole Café: eggs with potato and sausage and a breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese, potatoes and bacon.  The food prices were quite reasonable, especially for a remote location such as this.  Each of these items was $4.  I also bought a yogurt from the market for $1.

After breakfast we rode the shuttle to Moro Rock.

Riding the optional shuttle does involve some added waiting time.  However, not having to worry about directions/parking/driving on winding roads makes it worthwhile, in my opinion.


There is also the added benefit of being able to nap!

Hiking to Moro Rock involves climbing more than 350 steps. 

We saw some lizards on the way up.

There was a family just ahead of us where the mom stayed behind because she was afraid of heights.  I think we were at about this point when the dad and the two kids (older than k and n) turned around and started walking back down because the dad said it was starting to look “sketchy”.  I think this motivated us even more to keep going so we could make it to the top!

We made it!

Taking a beef jerky break.

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