Snow Station

A new store named Snow Station opened in Tustin, in the same shopping center as Cream Pan.  We were able to visit during the Grand Opening, when they were giving away a free mini size (which was actually not that small).  It is usually $2.95, including one topping.  n and I chose passion fruit while k and D opted for mango.  I would recommend getting the “popping balls” as a topping as opposed to mochi bits, which get hard when they are cold.  I thought it would taste like shaved ice, but it is really different, as it is soy-based, and the flavor is infused, rather than poured on top.  If we ever go again, we would probably just share a bigger size, but it is always a treat for the kids when they do not have to share.  Maybe someday I will try the horchata flavor.


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