Southern California

It is pretty amazing to think that I have lived in the Los Angeles metro area for 10 years now. I lived in L.A. for 1 year just after college and have been living in L.A./Orange County for the last 9 years. This metro area has been home for longer than any other metro area in my adult life! Since I have been in SoCal for so long and I do enjoy living in the O.C., I have felt compelled to start rooting for SoCal sports teams. Here are my official favorite teams by metro area: S.F. Bay Area: Cal Golden Bears, 49ers, Giants, Warriors. Los Angeles/Orange County: Angels, Clippers, Chargers. Indianapolis Metro: Indiana Hoosiers. The Angels baseball team is a easy choice as they play in Orange County. Choosing the Clippers is a little tougher since they play in L.A.; however they did play in Orange County in the 90s. For football, I am hoping L.A. gets a team, but I am not holding my breath, so for now the Chargers will have to do. I still like the city life in NorCal better (i.e. S.F. vs L.A.); however I do enjoy the suburban life in SoCal better. (e.g. beaches & bike paths). So I will consider the battle a tie. I have come to realize that my favorite metros are S.F. and L.A. (sorry Indy and Sacramento). Indy gets my nod for third place as it has a nice downtown and is a great sports town.

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  1. Can I choose San Diego State? J/K. Well, I don't think I will officially adopt a SoCal college football team, but if I had to choose, I would choose UCLA over USC.

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