Sports Weekend

This past weekend was filled with sports.  k played in the VFW basketball tournament (two games Saturday, one game Sunday) and n had his regular LA Galaxy OC Saturday soccer game.  Although we felt busy, I know of other families with three kids playing in the tournament, so that could be like nine games, which is just insane.  I am also very fortunate to have my parents who are willing to take our kids where they need to be when there are overlaps.

It is fun watching our kids develop their skills and confidence in their respective sports.  Since now I actually have some memory for my phone, I have been trying to take more video.  To date, we have not had a good video of n scoring a goal.  I am so glad I was able to catch this one on video.  Be sure to turn on the audio for the full effect.

Yes, that is D at the very end: “FINISH IT!”

Last year, k’s team won the bronze division, so they were moved to silver.  They did not fare too well there, but I must say that k put in a good effort.  These are a couple of shots on her highlight reel from the weekend. 🙂

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