STEM Made Fun: Ozobot Evo #Ozobot #Ozosquad #Tryazon


It is kind of amazing to think about how robots are changing the way we live.  Schools are all emphasizing STEM and kids are learning how to code at an early age.  We recently had the opportunity to try out the Ozobot Evo.  My kids were able to play with this tiny robot straight out of the box.  They also downloaded the app onto their iPad and were controlling the Ozobot from the iPad without any trouble at all.  They had fun making mazes and obstacle courses with blocks and maneuvering the Ozobot through them.  I also like how you can draw your own “tracks” for the Ozobot to follow with just regular markers and it changes colors according to the color on the paper!


I always try to look for toys that are fun AND educational, and the Ozobot Evo definitely falls into that category!


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