Still Playing Catch-Up

Halloween now seems like ages ago, but I don’t want to forget about it.  k and n had the day off of school, so their Halloween festivities took place the day before.  On Halloween itself, my parents took the kids to the Irvine Park pumpkin patch, for which I won tickets.  In the afternoon, I took the kids to The District, and they trick-or-treated at the various stores that had an orange sticker in the window.  For dinner, we went to a pizza party at our community pool, sponsored by our generous neighborhood realtor.  After that, we trick-or-treated throughout our neighborhood, which I think is the perfect size for trick-or-treating.

k and her besties during the school parade.

Walking to the pizza party.

Since we were all out trick-or-treating, we left a basket of candy on our porch.  There was still a good amount left when we returned—glad to have honest neighbors.

One of our neighbors goes all out with the inflatables.  Love the Snoopy/Charlie Brown pirate ship!

Dividing the loot!

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