Tanaka Farms Birthday Party

Just when I thought I had my last visit to Tanaka Farms (at least for a while), k was invited to a classmate’s birthday party there.  I would have had D bring her, since I’ve gone way more times than him, but he was scheduled to take to her to an Angels game that night.  Going on a Saturday was actually way less chaotic than going on a weekday, when all of the school groups go.  The tour was pretty much the same, but we were able to try some corn, straight off the cob, that was really sweet and juicy.  I think that was a first.


All of the tour guides we have had have been very good, and this guy was no exception.


I thought it would be a little late in the season, but there were still a lot of ripe strawberries in the field.


Those are some gigantic sunflowers!


I’m always amazed when parents invite their kid’s whole class to their party.  The birthday boy is on the very left.



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