Tavern Bowl Yelp Event

Last night, D and I had the opportunity to go to a Yelp for a Cause event at Tavern Bowl in Costa Mesa.  There was a suggested donation of $10 per person for the Make a Wish Foundation.  It was a really fun event, and I hope we are able to go to more in the future.

The night started out a bit confusing due to the parking situation.  There was free valet parking, but we must have entered the parking garage the wrong way, because we ended up at the valet station for the 24 Hour Fitness club at the bottom of the building.  (Can you imagine using a valet just to work out??)  We eventually found our way and stood in line with fellow Yelpers before the event opened up.


The venue was nice…definitely not your typical bowling alley.


We didn’t bowl, but we found a nice private booth for the two of us.  We each received two drink tickets, but I stuck with my diet Coke.  I think D made someone’s night when he gave a couple of our tickets away.  There were passed appetizers throughout the night, including:


Chicken wings—nice and meaty, including Buffalo and Korean-style.


Macaroni and cheese with pulled pork.  Really good, but filling.


Lobster roll, also good.  There were also various sliders, all of which were good with the exception of the vegetarian one made of beets.  That one was just too mushy for our taste.


Fish taco.  We missed out on the beef taco, but we were too full at that point anyway.  There was also flatbread pizza, not pictured. 


For dessert there were chocolate dipped strawberries and various cookies.  We almost missed out on the butterscotch crème brulee, but I asked a waitress if there were anymore, and she kindly found the last one back in the kitchen and brought it out to us. 

D and I probably wouldn’t go bowling here with the kids, but the venue would be perfect for a corporate event.  We were quite impressed by the quality of the food, which is something you do not typically expect when bowling. 

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