The Big Island: Day 1

This was our third time going to visit D’s parents on The Big Island, but the first time going during Christmas.  The airplane tickets were expensive, so we ended up taking k out of school a little early on Thurs. (she missed Friday as well) and we took the red eye flight home on Christmas night to save some $$.

Unfortunately, there are no flights from John Wayne to Kona, so we had to fly out of LAX.  My dad was gracious to drive us to LAX on Thursday afternoon in the rain. 

The kids didn’t remember their previous flights, so they were super-excited.




LAX had a pretty impressive Christmas tree.


n put his hand on top of k’s during the take-off.  They were well-behaved during the flight and fell asleep for part of the time.  We were in the back of the plane, so the multiple trips to the bathroom were not too troublesome.  SO much easier than flying with babies.


We knew there would be no dinner served on board so we grabbed some food before boarding: A chicken/swiss sandwich and chicken Caesar salad from Homeboy Café, and 5 cheese pizza from Sammy’s Woodfired Grill. 


We landed around 9 p.m. Hawaii time (11 p.m. PST) and caught the Hertz shuttle right away.  D’s name was on the Gold Member board, but he had “***” instead of a number by his name.  They said they needed more information, or something like that.  However, it was not crowded so the wait was not long at all.  There was a snafu with the car seats we ordered for the kids, but we were able to make it to D’s parents’ condo in Waikaloa by about 10 p.m., which felt like midnight.

We were all pretty tired by that time, so it did not take long to go to sleep.


These were the beds on the third story loft waiting for the kids’ arrival—very cute.

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