The Big Island: Day 2

We had “Big” plans for our first full day on the Big Island, but they were somewhat diminished due the first Big swell of the season that arrived just as we arrived.  We went to A Bay, in Waikaloa, planning to do a glass bottom boat tour, rent beach toys, as well as the Aloha cruise.  Instead, we were told they were actually preparing to shut down the beach for the day due to the dangerous conditions, and that the entire West coast of the Big Island was affected. 


We settled for playing with some beach toys that Grandpa and Grandma had bought for the kids.



The ocean water was actually expected to go over this sandy area into this pond, although I’m not sure if that ever happened.  The beach boys were stacking all of the recliners on the beach in preparation.


The sand here reminded me of an “everything” bagel.



We walked over to Lava Lava Beach Club for an early lunch.


I liked the textured menu cover.



Fish ‘n Chips :: Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice :: Grilled Fish Sandwich w/Quinoa Salad :: Mango Smoothie

It was a nice meal to start our trip, and the restaurant is right on the beach, so the view was beautiful.


The flowers everywhere were so pretty—they don’t even look real!


Next we decided to go to the cove at the Fairmont Orchid Hotel to try out snorkeling since the water there was really calm during our last visit.


Double Red Flag = No Such Luck; The waves were huge and the water was too dangerous for us.


We did get to see the Fairmont’s coconut Christmas tree, however.


The kids were happy to just hang out at the Mauna Lani pool, where Grandpa and Grandma have their other condo.  They were able to try out their snorkel gear, though there was not much to see in the pool!

We had dinner at Sansei in the Queen’s Marketplace and ran into Santa beforehand.



Both k and n were able to let off some steam pre-dinner on the grassy area while D and I did a little window shopping. 

My dinner pictures did not come out well due to the dim lighting.  We shared a number of sushi rolls, a rare treat for D and me.  The kids enjoyed their kids’ meals (chicken teriyaki and Korean beef), which included a soft drink and ice cream.  Ahh, vacation life. 

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